Amelia Callie Teschner
5 Years Old

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Life is Good Music Video
Starring Amelia Callie Teschner


Miss Amelia Montana

First Haircut (remnants of facepaint intact)

Too big to be held like a little baby

Butterfly Baby

All I want for Christmas is a Cornucopia

Rocker's Amelia and Mia

Ad for fresh squeezed lemonaid

Riding on the top of a fire engine

So tall


Presents are perfect

Holding hands with Chloe

Four generations and two best friends

Lipstick Lady

Merry Christmas
Grandma's Cancer Blog

Amelia and Anessa at the Miley Cyrus concert

Sparkling Cider...Happy New Year!

Sun Celebration at Exploring Minds

5th Birthday Party
Sally and Amelia on Christmas Day

Great Grandma, Lisa and Amelia

Amelia in a wig with a girlfriend

In a hotel in Kentucky posing

Grandma Ina